Web Conferencing and Integration

Presentations and hand-outs are commonly used in meetings to help explain a topic or to prompt discussion. After all, a picture paints a thousand words and it is often easier to illustrate a point using a picture or graph.

It is therefore a shame that the cost of saving time and money by using a conference call facility should be that the effective use of a presentation is lost. Although supporting documents can be circulated ahead of a call, there is no way to guarantee that everyone will be looking at the same part, or that relevant facts will be highlighted appropriately.

Using a web conferencing facility overcomes this problem. By using this to integrate screen sharing into a conference call, whatever the host displays on their own screen is also viewable by call participants. This could be anything from a presentation document to a website, a spread sheet to an annotated article.

Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

The advantages of using integrated screen sharing rather than having a basic meeting or call can be seen in both client and colleague relationships.

For a client, being guided through a presentation is a more relaxed experience than having to take lots of notes. Similarly, providing a document that is directly relevant to the call’s agenda and that has been explained during it, gives a professional finish.

For colleague relationships, being able to view a document together makes collaborating far simpler. It is often easier to understand a person’s thought process if there is a visual guide, rather than having to follow verbally. Also, by actually seeing what the problem is rather than solely relying on a description gives confidence to making a decision. This allows for increased responsiveness and faster decision making.

Web conferencing effectively syncs the cost saving perks of a conference call, with the professionalism and ease of presentation provided by screen sharing. Why spend more on traveling to meetings, or compromise on making yourself understood when web conferencing successfully integrates the benefits of both.

Have you thought about integrating web conferencing into your calls?

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