Webinar: Business Yoga, Why Smarter Businesses Use Flexible Working

Flexible and remote working are hot topics in business. But how do you know if remote working is right for your organisation and how do you manage a team when you are not with them? And what are the technological barriers to smarter working? In the final of the Powwownow spring webinar series, Founder of the Pomegranate Agency, Duncan Thomas, Powwownow’s Robert Gorby and Stewart Millard discuss how having a smarter working plan in place doesn’t have to be hard work.

Top Tip Takeaways

  • Flexible and remote working makes it easier to attract talent who want a work-life balance
  • Productivity can improve through less commuting and poor meetings
  • Businesses can save valuable cash by reducing office expenses
  • Embraces the use of new technologies to improve communications and project management

We hope you enjoyed our spring webinar series, keep an eye out for more Powwownow events throughout the year.

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