Webinar: Why the Good Share but the Great Collaborate
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Webinar: Why the Good Share but the Great Collaborate

24th April 2014
By Jacqui Beel

Why is it often so hard to communicate well across the same business? And does technology help or hinder collaboration? In the second of the Powwownow spring webinar series we looked into how great collaboration can result in a more profitable business.

Top Tip Takeaways

  • As a leader you set the example of how to communicate across the business
  • Make collaboration a management behaviour that is part of the performance review
  • Embrace the power of loose connections and informal communication and links
  • Promote a meeting culture that encourages questioning, focused discussion and open debate – not just reporting
  • File and data sharing is file and data sharing – not collaboration
  • Give people the processes and tools to allow them to collaborate
  • Be clear on what effective collaboration really looks like inside your business
  • Value those ‘T-shaped’ managers who network and collaborate well with others outside of their teams

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