Do I need a website to run a business?
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Do I need a website to run a business?

16th November 2012
By Staff


We live in a digital world and rely on technology to get us through the day both in a personal and professional capacity. Often, it is the internet that people use first to seek information.
Here, we outline 3 reasons why having a website is important for your business:
First impressions
If you’re running a business, in whatever industry, your website is often the first point of contact between you and a potential customer or lead. If a customer sees one of your adverts or hears about you via word of mouth, they’ll want to know more. If they search the internet and don’t find you, you’ve not only lost out on a potential sale to a competitor but you also lose credibility. In this day and age it is expected that a business will have a website; if a customer can’t find you easily, what does that say about you professionally as a business?
Marketing Tool
Having your own website is the perfect way to showcase all that you do. A website can offer large amounts of information at an affordable price. By the use of text, graphics, images, videos, testimonials and case studies, you can speak directly to your audience and illustrate exactly how your product/service works. It is also an integral part of any good marketing campaign and acts as a central hub to which you can direct your customers.
How do you find out what your customers think about what you offer? Where can they leave their thoughts about your product/service? A website provides the perfect platform for customers and clients to provide feedback, place a complaint or give you a glowing testimonial; having a contact form or blog means that customers can connect with you and share their experiences. You can also gain plenty of insight into your customers’ needs.
No matter what size your business is, you need a website to increase visibility and reach if you want to stay competitive. It doesn’t need to come with bells and whistles (and sometimes, the simplest design is the best) but it must provide a clear concise breakdown of what you do and how it can benefit the customer. You can have a go at designing the site yourself – there are plenty of free adaptable templates available online – or you can contact an agency that specialises in doing this. Think of it in this way – if you were looking for a particular service/product and couldn’t locate any information about them on the internet, what would you do?