What’s your #WorkWish?

Santa might be listening…

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Whoever said that it’s too early for the festive season?

Oxford Street has already hung up its Christmas lights, Pimlico Plumbers has too, Selfridges has its Christmas display up, and the weather has already dropped in time for winter.

But the one thing that hasn’t changed, is the work we all have to do to start strong for 2017…So where’s your reward?

Gift wrapping

People always get gifts from their friends and family for Christmas, but rarely do we get rewarded for our hard work and dedication for the business you work for. Christmas is a time for being thankful for others – regardless of whether their relation to the person is work or personal.

But surely your work wish is different to your normal Christmas wish list…right?

So we want to know what your work wish is! We’d love for you to share what you want for Christmas for your work (no matter how big or small). Simply tell us below:

Send my #WorkWish


 so Santa hears you on Twitter as well.
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You never know, Christmas might come early…

We heard that Santa closes his list on Friday November 18th, so make sure you get your #WorkWish in on time!


Can’t think of what you really want for your work Christmas? Here’s a couple of ideas…

Are you an Oreo fan?


Hate being chained to your desk?


Would post-it notes fulfil your job satisfaction?


Do you share a love for bacon sandwiches?


Can’t stand business jargon?


Music lover at work? hero5