When Face to Face is the only option

We’re reasonable people here at Powwownow, and even we accept that there are some occasions when a conference call just isn’t enough, and you need a face to face meeting. Still, if you’re going to meet up, why not do it in style? We’ve had a look around and come up with 10 great places to meet in London – feel free to add your own, as there are many many more!

1.    The Institute of Directors
A beautiful building in the heart of London with everything you could possibly need for small or large meetings. You need to be a member, though.

2.    Breakfast at the Hoxton Grill
THE place for a breakfast meeting in the East End. The Grill, based in the Hoxton Hotel is in the style of an American diner. There also private rooms for hire, if there are several attendees and you need that extra bit of privacy.

3.    The Hospital Club, Covent Garden
In the heart of media-land, this is ‘the only club designed specifically for the creative industries’, and features a studio, a screening room, restaurant facilities, and loads of different nooks and crannies to meet in. Wi-fi is of course ubiquitous, but you do need to be, or to know a member.

4.    Any Café with Wi-Fi
Some meetings require no more than 2 or 3 people, tea & coffee, and a good internet connection. If you’re meeting in London, all you need is this to find the best cafés with and remote working spaces for your meetings.

5.    In the Park
Being based in Richmond, we find ourselves with the wonderful green open spaces of Richmond Park on our doorstep. What better place for that creative brainstorm than the great outdoors. Take along a rug, a thermos, and some sarnies, and be inspired! (weather permitting, of course)

6.    The Tate Modern
Another inspirational venue, The Tate Modern’s exhibitions can’t fail to get your creative juices running. Have a ‘walk and talk’ meeting whilst you wander round, or sit in a corner of the huge Turbine Hall. Equally, grab a bit in the Café or Restaurant.

7.    London Zoo
Conveniently placed for several mainline stations, this is a great place to meet people coming in from outside London. Meet in the restaurant or one of the other dining areas, or rent a room for larger events. There’s every excuse to take a break from proceedings and clear the mind whilst visiting your favourite wild animal!

8.    Adam Street
Meeting with someone you want to impress? Try Adam Street, another Private Club just round the corner from Charing Cross Station. Beautifully decked out with lots of quiet corners plus meeting rooms and even offices if required, this is the ultimate stylish corporate venue. It’s also a great place for a drink after that late afternoon meeting! You will need to join…. or find a member to invite you!

9.    The Royal Institute of Architects
On Portland Place, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus, this is a beautiful venue for any one to one or group meeting. The café is a lovely peaceful area, and you can sit outside when the weather is good. Rooms are also available to hire if required.

10.    The Pub
This wouldn’t be a real ‘top 10’ if we didn’t include everyone’s favourite meeting venue, the local Pub! Richmond has many wonderful venues, and we particularly recommend: The White Swan, The Dysart Arms , and The Marlborough . Sit outside when the weather’s good, and in many cases, wi-fi is included!

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Discover some of London’s quirkiest remote working locations here or download our very own Remote Working Guide to London here.