Why and how to use a webinar to generate leads Blog

Webinars are used by businesses to connect on a more intimate level with audiences over the web. They are great tools for lead generation or moving leads along the sales funnel as they enable a platform for brands to develop a dialogue with potential customers. Q&A sessions can take place, polls can be completed and users can collect valuable information about the people who register. Such features help brands build a relationship with their attendees, which can then be nurtured into a sale.

Here are some top tips to get the results you need:

If you want to attract good quality leads to your webinar, it is important to ensure the topic and content is engaging and interesting. Try to choose a topic that isn’t just relevant to your business objectives, but will also add real value for your audience. Consider interesting topics in the news or key themes that you are seeing in your industry.

Building on these themes in the context of the topic you have chosen will mean that your event becomes less salesy and more about positioning your business as a thought leader in the market.

Usually businesses do not have a large database of potential customers at their fingertips that they can promote their event to. If this is you, a great, cost-effective way to attract new potential customers is through partnering with a similar complimentary brand, who are also experts on your chosen topic.

Not only does this give you access to an untapped database of people that could sign up to your event but it can also save you time and money by splitting the organisation and even increase your credibility with attendees.

Another great way to attract leads to your webinar is by offering exclusive discounts that your audience will not be able to access anywhere else. This can act as an incentive to sign-up, as well as help to move people along the sales funnel to make a purchase. Making the offer time-sensitive is also great way to speed up the process by creating a sense of urgency for attendees.

When setting a date and time for your event, it’s important to consider the availability of your audience. Consider when they are most likely to be able to attend and then set the webinar for a time and date that best matches this. More people will be able to attend, meaning that you will have more opportunity to attract good quality leads.

Of course, there will be several people that won’t be able to make it at the time and date you select. In this case, recording the webinar and making it available on your website or via your social media channels, will ensure that anyone who is interested has an opportunity to attend, meaning that no lead will slip through the net.

One of the most important aspects of the process, especially with the objective of generating leads, is what happens once the event is over. Using a CRM system to manage your sign-ups and attendees can make this part a lot simpler by categorising and assigning leads, storing important data, and sending follow up information to the database.

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