Why Branded Welcome Messages?
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Why Branded Welcome Messages?

22nd May 2013
By Staff

It’s not often that we take the indulgent step of dedicating a blog post to one of our services, but as personalisation of the customer experience becomes an increasingly important tool, we thought that we’d make an exception.

If you’re already a user of the Powwownow service, or if you’ve had chance to nosy around our site before, then you’ve probably seen us mention Branded Welcome Messages. This is a personalised message that is recorded to your requirements and assigned to a dedicated dial-in number. Consequently, whenever a conference is held using this number, call participants are greeted with this personalised message, rather than the standard generic introduction.

There’s no doubt that conference calling makes business sense, saving you both time and money. However, it is important that the personal contact lost by meeting on the phone rather than face-to-face, is provided in other ways. This needn’t be difficult. For example, using video conferencing instead of basic audio means that you are better able to read the body language and facial expressions of those you are talking with.

Adding a personal greeting to the conference call is another small detail that can make a big difference when it comes to being personable. It shows that you are interested in the smaller details. Greeting call participants as soon as they enter the conference, presents that extra feeling of being valued. You are also able to provide callers with any introductions or additional information prior to the call, ensuring that they are fully prepared.

Going to the added effort of providing detail such as a Branded Welcome Message can also portray an increased sense of size to a company – something that could be useful for smaller businesses when starting out.
So what are you waiting for? What better way to add that personal and professional shine to your conference calls?