Why webinars are perfect to communicate your message

Webinars give you the power to start a conversation with your audience over the web, in a matter of minutes. All too often, we hear from our customers that they have an important message they need to share but online events are rarely considered, despite being the perfect platform.

Could your company benefit from holding an online event?

Simply put, the answer is yes. The way we do business has changed, so why are you still thinking of reaching out to your audience the old school way? Whether you need to announce the appointment of your new CEO, launch that new product you’ve been working on for months, or train those new recruits – webinars are a simple, affordable solution for your company.

Visually connect and engage with your audience

With the ability to showcase your brand, upload a slide deck and share your screen, it’s easy to deliver a flawless, visual representation of your message. Add the value of surveys, polls and social media feeds and you have a supercharged event that is not at the mercy of the press to reach your target market.

Extend the reach of your message

Webinars make it easy to connect and engage with your audience in a digital landscape. Wherever they are in the world, all it can take is a single click from their computer, phone or tablet, instantly eliminating restrictions on how many people you can reach at once. When you start thinking about generating a buzz for your up and coming event, drop an invite into an email and watch the viewers flood in at the desired date and time.
But, if you don’t always want to broadcast live, pre-record and schedule your event for a later date. Your message will be available on-demand, continuing to do the hard work for you.

Improve cost and time efficiencies

With all these benefits it’s hard to believe that you can conduct a webinar from as little as £75. And with the potential to have hundreds of people tuning in to your event, the return on investment is hard to ignore. Gone are the days of extensive time blocked out in work calendars and hefty travel receipts to expense.

Of course, there is still a place for face to face events, but when cost-efficiencies, flexibility and simplicity are at the top of your agenda, webinars are a promising tool for achieving your business goals. So the next time you need to start a conversation with your audience, be wise and do it with an online event.