Working From Home – The Right Way to Work
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Working From Home – The Right Way to Work

29th January 2015
By Candice Choo

As many of you may have heard, our company is very vocal about working from home in support of flexible working.

It’s an opportunity that we strongly believe in because of the benefit to both a company and its staff, it’s proving to be successful on both ends (not to mention the countless number of articles that are written about the benefits of flexible working and why it is the future).

The dreaded commute between home and work is one of the most frustrating and aggravating journeys that many of us face for five days a week.  Delay here, train cancellation there, construction here, strike there.

The bottom line is that everything seems to be preventing us from getting to work or getting home on time, and despite the fact that our staff at PowWowNow already have the ability to be flexible with their working environment; last week we encouraged everyone to pick one day in the working week to work from home or a location of their choice.

The result?  We got an overwhelmingly positive response regarding how much it improved staff’s work-life balance by not having to commute and how productive they were by a change of location, especially from those who hadn’t tried it before.

Want to try it for yourself? Here are our top tips for working from home:

Stay Connected

This may sound obvious but do make sure you have the right technological capabilities in place first before you settle down to work from home. You need to be readily available for your colleagues in the office and for customers and clients. Avoid unnecessary travelling and the expense of face to face meetings and opt for a conference callweb conference or video conference instead.

Create a dedicated workspace

It’s best to mark out a territory where you can work uninterrupted, ideally, a quiet area or a room where you can shut the door. Make sure your work area is un-cluttered and away from tempting distractions. Creating a sense of your own space can help you feel more organised and focused.

Behave as if you’re in the office

Keep work and home life separate even though you’re not in an actual office. You may be tempted to work for longer just because you don’t have to commute home and there is a danger this could encroach on your home life. Having a separate work area and set hours of work means there is more chance that you will switch off when you finish and ‘leave’ work and ‘return’ home.

Avoid distractions

This is easier said than done and links in with the point above. Household chores and temptations such as your favourite TV programme or book will still be there when you finish work, so don’t let them distract you from the task at hand. You wouldn’t do this if you were in the office, so don’t do it whilst at home.

Stick to your schedule

Most importantly – try and maintain a discipline to build routine into your working day. Start and finish work at the same time each day and remember to take scheduled breaks including one for lunch. If possible get out the house and get some fresh air – it’s a great way to clear the mind and re-energise.

Remote working not allows for greater efficiency and reduced costs for your business but it also improves morale, low absenteeism and peace of mind amongst your staff. Make the most of your remote working experience and keep in touch with Powwownow this summer.