How to Make Working Out of the Office Work for you
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How to Make Working Out of the Office Work for you

12th March 2015
By Candice Choo

We all know that there is an endless amount of content out there about flexible working, remote working, telecommuting and working from home.  Whatever label it has been given, working out of the office doesn’t have a stock standard, one size fits all location or set-up that works for everyone.

Some have said that if you’re an entrepreneur starting a business then you should be in a co-working environment, or if you’re a mother then it’s more productive to work from home but the reality is, everyone works differently.

Your productivity isn’t determined by the author of an article. Some people work better in silence, some work better with music in the background, and some need to be surrounded by similar types of people to be productive.

So here’s our advice to you:

Try working from home, in a café or outdoors.  Only you will be able to determine what is the most productive for you but what we can tell you, is that you’d be surprised at how productive you can be when you try working out of the office.  Often people find that a simple change in environments can attribute towards a different (and often more productive) mind-set.

…But not everyone is great with change.

For those who are sceptical about how successful working from home can be, we would suggest to try co-working.  If you aren’t quite sure what this is, co-working is a new style of work that is like a middle ground between working from home and working in the office.

It involves a shared environment with other people who may also want to avoid the horror of their commute but still require a more controlled environment.  This usually includes the provision of Wi-Fi and a work desk, minus the distractions that often arise at home or in your local coffee shop.


With the increased level of mobility from both Wi-Fi and cloud services being almost always available, business people can now essentially work on any device, at any location; but this doesn’t mean that they’re all suitable to you.  Dependent on the job you have, not all suggestions that you read may benefit your style of working.

For example, working on your tablet may be useful, but not when it comes to working on a excel spreadsheet and checking your emails on your smartphone may be convenient, but not when you’re trying to work on anything design related.

A myth that people often highlight when working out of the office gets mentioned, is the inconvenience it causes for everyone else.  That their meetings need to be changed, that communication becomes difficult and that everyone needs to shuffle their schedule around to accommodate you.

But in reality, there are countless instant messaging applications that allow people to communicate online and conferencing solves any problem after that with the provision of audio, video and web conferencing.  Curious? Try it for free here.

So before you decide that working out of the office is a redundant idea and inapplicable to you, try it in a couple of different locations to see where you’re most productive.  Already determined the location that works best for you? Tell us on twitter here.