Working remotely the right way

Working remotely is on the rise. In 2019, 66% of companies allow remote working and 16% are fully remote[1]. We’re aware there is tones of content advising on remote working and how to do it correctly. Soooo, we thought that we’d jump on the bandwagon and offer our two cents. Everyone works differently meaning there isn’t a universal approach to effective remote working (let us know if there is). Nevertheless, there are some simple approaches you can take to keep you working at your best wherever, whenever!

Get dressed!

We’re starting simple. Slipping out of your PJs and putting on some proper clothes is the first step towards getting in a working mindset. You wouldn’t saunter around an office in bed clothes so don’t when working remotely. The basic act of getting dressed helps kick off a sense of purpose and routine, something that is essential when working remotely.

Plan your day

After you’ve carried out all morning formalities (teeth brushing, showering, getting dressed etc) you’re ready to start planning your day. Working remotely is sometimes prone to procrastination. You’re not in a traditional working environment under the watchful eye of fellow colleagues. A great way to avoid procrastination is to get stuck right in by planning your day. Set out what you wish to achieve that day and don’t dilly-dally in getting it done.

Take regular breaks

Working remotely has many benefits and one such benefit is the freedom to take regular breaks (without fear of being judged). The key is to not overindulge and waste an hour of the day watching a documentary on Sloths. Only take breaks when you’ve achieved something productive. Tell yourself that you’ll work solid for half an hour, after this you’ve earnt yourself a five-minute break. Taking breaks are fantastic for inspiring creativity and problem solving. Briefly taking your mind of the task at hand can often inspire a fresh take and get your creative juices flowing.

Champion catch ups

One of the issues with remote working is that it can occasionally result in feelings of isolation. Working remotely most likely means working alone. That’s why for your own sanity it’s essential to schedule regular catch ups with colleagues. Whether this be colleagues in the office or fellow remote workers, it’s a great way to add a much-needed social element to your work and boost productivity. Modern tech means it’s easier than ever to communicate regardless of distance between one another. Conference call and video call tech offer simple solutions to communication problems.

Understand yourself

This may be a case of easier said than done but it’s vital to develop an understanding of how you work best. Even though we’ve recommended taking regular breaks, this may just not be your style. You might just like to power through and take only one mahoosive breaks. The point being a benefit of working remotely is you’re free to work best in a way that suits you. Identify and facilitate this and you’ll be able to get the most out of working remotely.

Wrap up the day

Just how you start your day with setting out what you hope to achieve that day, end the day by reviewing your progress. Update your to do-list, send out any final emails and prioritise your tasks for the next day. This will set you up perfectly for a fulfilling tomorrow and help you unwind. Make sure you do unwind. Reward yourself by chilling out!

On that note, it’s time to wrap up this post. Hope that these tips offer some useful knowledge on how to get the full benefits from remote working.