Working Remotely with Web Meetings

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting at home, it’s 3 o clock and you’ve yet to shower or change out of your PJs, you’ve snacked your way through the day and productivity is at an all time low. Those are just a few potential remote working woes. It can be difficult sometimes to get yourself motivated when working remotely. You’re away from the office and face-to-face interaction with colleagues isn’t possible, potentially making you feel disconnected from the larger team. One solution to ensure you can easily stay in the loop are web meetings, a platform built for remote meetings (wehey). Here are 5 reasons why remote meetings are the answer to your remote working woes!

Stay connected

Communication with colleagues when working remotely is a significant woe. An obvious benefit of working in the office is that you’re in a social situation (all be it work social). You’re able to easily talk to co-workers over a coffee break and update them with progress on a project, potential concerns, or whatever it may be. When working remotely you’re often on your own and feelings of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can begin to creep in.

Use remote meetings to alleviate those potential FOMO moments. With video included it’s the closest you’ll get to face-to-face. You can use remote meetings to have a one-on-one catch up with your best work pal or group meetings to update everyone on your progress. Point being, if you utilise the tech you can feel truly part of the larger (office) team wherever you may be. Just make sure when the video is on, you’re presentable and haven’t got remnants of your latest snack all over you (beware of toast).

Propel productivity!

Working remotely is full of distractions that you don’t find in the office. If you’re working from home you will probably have free reign over the kitchen, experimenting with all sorts of food concoctions (yoghurt crisps, why not?) You also have free reign over the internet, and we know the internet is just rife with distractions. So how can remote meetings be used to help banish distractions and improve remote working productivity?

Distractions and poor time management directly correlate with one another. You get distracted, then sit there thinking darn, where did all the time go? Scheduling regular web meetings can certainly help with time management and planning your day. Make us of online agendas to ensure your meetings stay on track and aren’t speeding towards unproductivity. It will give you something to work towards, knowing that your colleagues are expecting you to provide updates. Less procrastination, more productivity! Check out our advice on how to work remotely the right way.

Sharing is caring

Sometimes when working remotely, a woe is relying on a phone call or email to communicate your message. In fact, email has shown to be a huge time waster, resulting in a loss of £1.5 billion per year to UK businesses. This is particularly apparent if you’re working on a visual project, which is difficult to sum up in words. Sure, you could attach the project to an email and go through every detail on the phone but that just seems like hard work. A hassle-free solution is using screen share or present document during a remote meeting.

Screen sharing allows you and your work buddies to easily collaborate. You’re able to show them exactly what you’re working on and get instant feedback. The same can be said for present document, which they can annotate, without having to patiently wait half a week for an email response. This means less dawdling around and more getting on with your tasks at hand (well done). Screen share acts as a gateway into your full web meeting experience.

Eager and engaged

We’ve all had our fair few of meetings where let’s just say, little progress is made. This is even worse when you’re working remotely because there’s less opportunity to make up that progress with more productive face-to-face interactions. That’s why video can be your best friend. Results from our 2019 flexible working survey found that 64% of respondents believed video allowed them to stay more focused in meetings. No more dilly dallying in meetings, use video, so every meeting is super engaging!

Record and reevaluate

If you’re working remotely, you’re going to want to make sure you’re a remote meeting pro to dazzle fellow colleagues or clients. With our recording feature you can easily access all your past meetings and critique yourself (FUN). What went well, what didn’t. Once you get over the sound of your own voice, you can really begin to nail this whole online meeting thing. This will help you impress all the office folk and demonstrate how you boss remote working!

Rejoice in remote

Remote working comes with a fair few woes. But before we get to down in the dumps, the flexibility and freedom it provides is something to be treasured (too cheesy?) With remote meetings you can avoid the long commute and that person who is tucking into their leftover mackerel (specific) or whatever other smelly food you can think of. Make the most of online meetings and rejoice in remote working!