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Video Conferencing Features

Screen sharing

Share your document with up to 50 Guests and receive instant praise. Our document annotations function lets Guests doodle their feedback in real time for you to enjoy after your online video conference.

Video Conferencing Features

Record important meetings

Our internet video conferencing tool comes with unlimited recordings. Never forget an important meeting moment!

Video Conferencing Features

Online chat

Send a message or cheeky emoji during your video conference in real time. No need to talk over anyone.

No time limits
We won’t cut your video conference call short, productivity unleashed!
Meeting agenda
Upload an agenda to keep your video conference on track.
Scribble and brainstorm together on an interactive whiteboard.
Video conferencing reviews
I use the PowWowNow video meeting tool every week for work. The tool is easy to use, the platform layout is very intuitive, the video and sound quality are great and the pricing is very competitive. Finally, the customer service team is second to none. Highly recommended!
Holly Flett
Account Manager Brainlabs


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No meeting time limits

Unlimited recordings

Meeting agenda

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The plan displayed is our Pro plan. All plans featured are the equivalent offerings from companies displayed. The pricing in this table is accurate as of March 2021.
Video conferencing integrations
If you’re winning, we’re winning. We’ve got several integrations to make starting, joining and scheduling your video conference calls that much more seamless!
  • Slack integration
  • Chrome & Firefox plugin
  • Outlook plugin
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What is video conferencing?
Video conferencing is a meeting using a webcam and an internet connection. It can be 1-on-1 or have several Guests.
Video conferencing tools like ours will often include several other features for collaboration and increased productivity. Features such as screen share, online chat, present document, online agenda, whiteboard and more.
How do I join a video conference?
Joining a video conference call using PowWowNow is straightforward.
If you’re a Host, all you need to do is select ‘Start meeting’ from your PowWowNow Account, enter your name and you’re ready to go. If you’re joining someone else’s meeting just click ‘Join meeting', enter your name and Guest PIN and you’re in. A Guest PIN will be included in the meeting invite.
If you’re starting or joining a meeting via mobile, then download our App for iOS or Android and you can get going with a single tap!
Why do we need video conferencing?
Well, with the drastic shift towards remote working, video conferencing tools are the best way for remote workers to collaborate.
The virtual face-to-face interaction makes them as close as you can get to a real-life meeting. Plus, the host of other features included with a web video conferencing product only boosts productivity further.
What are the common uses for video conferencing?
There are so many common uses for a video web conferencing tool.
Not a conclusive list by any means but common uses include work catch-ups, video interviews, client meetings, online lessons, internal meetings, virtual cocktails, virtual cooking classes, online yoga, you get the gist. A video conference call can be used for many occasions!
How many people can join a video conference?
With our Pro internet video conferencing tool, you can have up to 50 people in your online meeting room, 20 people with their audio connected via VoIP (computer audio) and video. An unlimited number of people with audio connected over the phone.
Ideal for small to medium sized businesses!
Can I video conference on my phone through an app?
Of course, we offer a video conferencing app for both iOS and Android.

All you need to do is log in with your account info and you can start or join someone else's video conference call. Please note that the tool is streamlined for the best possible experience on mobile, so some features are not included.

What are some tips for video conferencing?
Glad you asked. A quick overview of our top tips include:
Set an agenda, know how you’ll connect your audio, be prepared for video, don’t come on time, come early, take advantage of the features, don’t read from your slides, check in with your audience, do a final check off, send next steps to Guests, remember to follow up. Set an agenda, know how you’ll connect your audio, be prepared for video, don’t come on time, come early, take advantage of the features, don’t read from your slides, check in with your audience, do a final check off, send next steps to Guests, remember to follow up.
For more info click here.
What are the requirements for video conferencing?
You will need a device that features a webcam and a stable internet connection. When using our video conferencing tool, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for the best experience. However, the following browsers are all supported:
Chrome (latest two versions)
Firefox (latest two versions)
Safari (latest version only)
Internet Explorer 11 (latest version only)
Edge (latest version)
Unfortunately, you are not able to share your screen when using Safari, although you can still view someone else's. This is because this browser does not support the plugin for this feature.
On smartphones we support the following browsers:
Apple iOS, Safari (latest version only)
Android, Chrome (latest version only)
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