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Whether you want it on-hand or on your phone, you've got the option to order a wallet card or digital wallet card - or both!
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What is a wallet card?

Our personalised wallet cards enable you to keep your conference call details on hand so you've got everything you need in one place. We understand that it can be difficult to remember your details. So by ordering either of our free (and personalised) wallet cards, you never have to remember your numbers again as it will always be on hand and ready to go when you need it.

We like to give you options so we've got two types of wallet cards:

Our printed wallet card packs include your dial-in numbers and PIN on a handy-sized card, in-conference control shortcuts, stickers with your details on it and a little something to keep you busy when you need a break from work.
Our digital wallet cards lets you save your details as a contact on your phone, so with a click of a button, you can enter your conference call without having to type in your dial-in number or PIN.