03 numbers are a UK-wide local number charged at a local rate. These are also known as local or geographic numbers and can be called from a landline or mobile.

03 numbers are typically low-cost and most UK mobile phone plans have 03 numbers included in their calling package, which makes it free to call these types of numbers. To check whether it's free for you or not it's best to call your phone provider.

03 numbers for conference calls

With PowWowNow, we offer 03 numbers to our Extras and Premium customers. This makes conference calling a lot more cost effective if you're dialling in from the UK (particularly if it's included in your mobile phone plan).


With Extras, you can buy minute bundles that include our 03 numbers and a wider range of international numbers. All of our bundles include 03 numbers that you can use for as little as 2p/min.
By buying minute bundles, Extras allows you to get instant access to a wider range of numbers at a lower cost. It's ideal for businesses trying to regulate their monthly payments as minute bundles are on a standard monthly rolling basis with no cancellation fee.
Not only is it great for cost saving and flexibility, but it provides you with extra security with a unique Host PIN for the Host and a separate Guest PIN for everyone else joining the conference call.


With our Premium service, you can get access to our 03 numbers as well as the full range of 140+ shared cost, Freephone and Geographic numbers. So no matter where you and your Guests are calling from, you can get the best number for each person to dial in from.
Our Premium service is perfect for businesses looking to get a package tailored to your needs. Whether it's dedicated numbers for your calls, personalised branding or web and video conferencing that you need, your dedicated account manager will set that all up for you and make sure you get the best solution suited to your business.

What's the difference between 03 numbers and 0844 numbers?

When it comes to conference calling, 03 numbers are paid for by the Host, whereas 0844 numbers are shared cost numbers. Shared cost numbers mean that each Guest pays their own part of the call.