How to improve your conference calls with 3 essential tools


Conference calling enables users to dial into a meeting from anywhere, making it ideal for businesses with remote workers, global offices or clients that work in other locations. Holding a meeting via a call is very effective in certain situations, however there may be occasions where that little bit extra is required. Here are 3 effective tools to help improve your conference calls.

  1. Screen share

Screen sharing adds a visual element to your meeting and helps the speaker to illustrate their points. When you are presenting to a large group, pitching a concept, or explaining a new process, screen sharing can keep everyone on the same page (literally). Particularly for teams that work flexibly, or work from different locations, it is a great way for users to work together on projects regardless of where they’re working from.

With PowWowNow, screen sharing is a feature included in our video call service.

  1. Video

In certain occasions, it can be hard to distinguish how the person at the other end of your conference call is feeling about the conversation. Expressions and body language are important communication tools that shouldn’t be dismissed. Therefore, adding video to your calls can be a perfect way to read people better and improve understanding with the person on the other end of the phone. A staggering 80% of business professionals rely on video for one to one meetings. and 77% for team meetings or large groups. 

Whether conducting an interview or having an important meeting with a potential client, this extra feature can add another layer to your meeting, and bring some of the visual cues that you get from everyone being in the same room.

  1. In-meeting chat

In-meeting chat is a way to improve your conference calls. On a call people can communicate via audio with however many people they need to, all at the same time. However, there are some circumstances where an extra layer of communication is needed. For example, if your participants are having trouble joining the meeting or someone wants to ask a question without interrupting the flow of the person speaking. At these times in-meeting chat can be useful to make yourself heard.

These are just a few of the features available with our video call product, all of which aim to improve communication during your call and to make the conversation as similar as possible to how it would be in person.