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remote working

5 reasons why your team should be using remote working tools

Remote working used to be about one lonely person behind a laptop emailing in countless documents. Nowadays, that linear model’s been turned on its head by the arrival of high-speed Wi-Fi and a host of remote working tools that mean entire organisations no longer need to be based in the traditional

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remote working

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break at work

5 ideal ways to take a break at work

It’s common sense that taking a break from the daily grind is important for rebooting your mind and energy. But…

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Powwownow App

Want to chat on tap? Use the Powwownow app

Today, the newspaper City AM featured the Powwownow app - highlighting the benefits of using the app for conference calls. As…

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Flexible working vs. remote working – what’s the difference?

Being able to escape the 9-to-5, a culture of presenteeism and stifling office hierarchies is a dream many people crave…

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