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Select a category below to view answers to our frequently asked questions.

  • What are the plans you sell for Video & Web Conferencing?

    We offer three types of plans. These include our Pro, Pro International, and Enterprise. Each includes the core web meeting features - video, screen share, chat and more – with access to geographic international dial-in numbers and Account Management for bespoke plans.

  • What dial-in numbers are available for Conference Calling?

    Depending on the product you choose you have the ability to access shared cost or geographic numbers.

    With our basic Conference Calling service, you have access to 16 International shared cost numbers and a UK short code designed for mobile users.

    The Pro and Pro International Video & Web Conferencing plans include a UK geographic and 42 International geographic numbers to use when VoIP is not available.

    Looking for something further or if you have more questions then please contact one of the specialist teams on +44 (0) 203 954 3601.

  • What's the difference between shared cost, geographic & Freephone numbers?

    PowWowNow offers three different types of dial-in numbers depending on your needs. This includes shared cost, geographic and Freephone numbers. The main difference lies in the way callers are charged.

    Shared cost numbers are charged to each individual Host and Guest dialling into a call. Everyone pays for the number of minutes they individually spend on a call. This charge appears on the Host or Guest’s normal telephone bill and is made up of PowWowNow’s fee and your phone company’s access charge (for minutes from a landline only).
    In the UK, these are 0844 numbers and apart from our bespoke plans are available to all of our conference call customers.
    To find out the cost of international shared cost numbers, please visit our Numbers page.

    Geographic numbers (e.g. numbers that begin 0330 in the UK) are local rate numbers within a country. When using a PowWowNow geographic number on a conference call there will be two charges applied: the PowWowNow fee and your phone network provider cost. The PowWowNow fee will be charged to the Host for all Host and Guest minutes used on a call. However, each Host and Guest will pay for their own phone provider minutes used – the good thing is, these minutes are often included in the user’s existing call package with their phone provider.
    This type of number is accessible to Pro, Pro International, Premium and Extras customers. As part of our Pro and Pro International plans, PowWowNow do not charge for these minutes for certain countries – please check your plan for a full list of included countries. However, Hosts and Guests may be charged by their network provider if geographic numbers are not included in their call package.

    Freephone numbers (e.g. numbers that begin 0800 in the UK) are the same as toll free numbers. They are free for Guests to call from a landline or mobile in the UK. Freephones abroad: International telecom providers may charge fees or place additional restrictions on calls from mobiles. Callers should check applicable charges with their provider. The Host pays for their own minutes on the conference call, as well as all Guest minutes.
    These numbers are used when the Host wants to cover the full costs of the call for their Guests – because of this, it is a more expensive number for the Host.

    These numbers are only available to Premium and Extras customers.

    To view a list of all the numbers we offer, please visit our Numbers page.

  • What is the maximum number of Guests I can have in a meeting?

    If you are holding a meeting and would like your Guests to dial in via their phone, then there is no limit on the maximum number of Guests that can do this. However, if you'd like some of your Guests to use the Web Meeting features, e.g. screen share or chat, then there is a maximum number of Guests able to access the meeting room depending on your plan.

    Pro, Pro International & Enterprise:
    Our Pro and Pro International plans enable up to 50 people to use the Web Meeting room features, with up to 20 people who can join using their computer's audio and use video. An unlimited number of Guests can use their phone to connect to audio.

  • How do I pay for my subscription? What credit cards do you accept?

    On any of our Pro plans, you can purchase and pay by either Debit or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

    When you purchase a licence, your first payment will cover the remainder of that month, plus the whole of the following month. (This keeps mid-month purchases simple – instead of fancy maths, we just give you extra days for free!) For example, if you purchased on the 12th January, you would pay the full licence fee immediately, but then wouldn’t be charged again until 1st March. After this point, monthly payments will then be taken at the start of every month.

    Please note, that if you use any dial-in numbers that are not included in your unlimited monthly allowance, these will always be billed for at the start of the following month.

    • Your Pro license has unlimited conference call minutes when using the UK geographic dial-in number.
    • Your Pro International license has unlimited conference call minutes when using the UK geographic dial-in number and the geographic numbers for the 42 included countries.

    If you decide to purchase any of our bespoke Enterprise plans from our Sales Specialists, you have the option of paying by monthly invoice billing, direct debit or credit card.