3 ways a conference call app will improve your meetings

The modern world has gone crazy for apps. There now seems to be an app for pretty much everything, from logical food and recipe apps to the downright bizarre pimple popper and milk the cow apps (promise they’re real). With smartphones basically becoming an extension of ourselves, apps have become an integral part of daily life. That’s why it makes perfect sense to also have apps that improve your work life, specifically (you got it) conference call apps. Here are 3 ways a conference call app will improve your meetings.

On the go, yo!

Nowadays meetings no longer need to happen in the office in order to be productive. Many people are often working outside the office. That’s where a mobile app comes in handy, it’s your best friend when you need to make calls on the go! Many apps will allow you to join a conference call instantly, like ours where you can join a call with one click, without having to enter a dial-in number or PIN (shameless plug, sorry not sorry). Great for those days spent commuting visiting different offices or mingling with clients, basically whenever you find yourself away from the office.

Scheduling made simple

If you’ve ever made a conference call you’ve probably experienced the classic ‘how do I join the meeting?’, ‘where do I find the dial-in details?’. This often does no wonders for your nerves (if you have any) and can make the conference call experience that teeny bit more hassle than it need be. An app addresses this problem head on! With our app you can send out an invite via SMS and arrange an immediate call. The SMS will display the dial-in details and PIN number your Guests need to enter. Super handy for your mobile workforce who may only have access to their smartphone. An app will make it easier than ever to schedule that all important call and for your colleagues to join wherever, whenever!

Manage those numbers

Numbers can be confusing, especially when you’re a globetrotter within the calling world. It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish exactly what number your international callers should be dialing into. That’s why with our app we’ve put all this information into one easily manageable section. You can manage your available number types and simply add any international dial-in numbers you may need for clients in all corners of the globe. This makes it much easier for your international pals to dial in to your call without having to faff about trying to find the correct number to use. Letting you get down to the nitty gritty and have only the most productive meetings.

If you aren’t making many international calls but do just want an easy way to remember your call details, you can download a digital wallet card. This will save all you details as a contact, having them all in one easy to find place, handy we know.

Get appy

So, there you go, our 3 ways an app can help you improve your meetings. We won’t keep you any longer as we know you’re probably just itching to get the app on your phone and start making calls immediately (we hope)!

Crystal-clear audio, no contract and no booking? It’s a no brainer!

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