6 virtual events to get you through isolation

If you were told last year that in 2020 the government will implement measures that mean you have to isolate and stay indoors, you’d probably slap your knees and let out a hearty chuckle. However, that’s exactly where we find ourselves today. It’s a surreal situation and makes us realise just how much we took going outside for granted. We’re all in the same boat and luckily us humans are quite good at making the best of a bad situation. Here are just some virtual event ideas for isolation, that will make your prolonged period indoors that little bit more enjoyable!

Virtual workouts

One of the biggest challenges about this whole staying indoors thing is how on earth are we expected to keep fit and active? The kitchen cupboard is metres away and a notoriously good cure for boredom is snacking. This is where virtual workout classes come into play. If you do a quick search for ‘virtual workouts’, you’ll be presented with a range of options. They might take some getting used to as there’s no real human interaction involved but it’s a great way to get a quick sweat on during your lunch break.

Video call gatherings

Due to real life social gatherings not being a viable option, consider a virtual social gathering by getting together with your pals/family on a PowWowNow video call. During this time, it’s essential that you check in on people you care about and using video for meaningful interactions is ideal. Can’t meet up for after work drinks, no bother have a drink together virtually. Can’t make dinner plans, host a virtual dinner party. Your quiz bone itching because you just love quizzes, well then have a virtual quiz! Get creative and ensure isolation doesn’t mean you miss out on socialising.

Also make the most of this tech to schedule regular catchups with colleagues. For when emails or instant messaging won’t cut it, jump on a video call. Just because these meetings are work related doesn’t mean they have to be super serious. Use them as an opportunity to introduce everyone to your pet, give a virtual house tour (to show off your wicked WFH set up).

A Netflix party

Watching shows and films in a group is a brilliant social past time, one that becomes much harder when you’re prevented from meeting with friends. Luckily, Netflix has came to the rescue. If you use Chrome and have a Netflix account, then you can add Netflix Party. The feature allows you to watch films and shows together with your friends as well as adding a group chat feature, for you live commentary enthusiasts. Granted, it’s not quite the same as all being in the same room together but it’s probably the closest you can get virtually.

Online art and museum tours

If you loved nothing more than visiting art galleries or museums on the weekend, then you can still get your fix online. You’ll find plenty of awesome virtual tours on the web. Check out this list of virtual tours of museums around the world.

Learn in isolation

Why not use your period in isolation as an opportunity to better yourself? So, when you finally meet your friends down at the pub or for dinner, you’re a slightly smarter more impressive you. There are tonnes of free online courses and learning resources online. Challenge yourself by trying to learn a language in a few weeks (bit ambitious we know) or just learning a new skill. An example of a great website is Skillshare. It’s a platform with thousands of free classes, helping you discover new hobbies and learn new skills that can be incorporated into your professional life.

Keep busy

The best way to get through this tough period, is to keep yourself busy and your mind occupied. Check in with people as much as suitably possible and when you do find yourself with some alone time, spend it doing things you enjoy. We hope these ideas inspire you to explore what’s out there and help you to self-isolate like a boss!