Best locations for a conference call

If you’re working outside the office, or inside the office and need to communicate with peeps outside the office (bear with us) then a conference call is a simple and reliable way to do so. The flexibility that they offer is brilliant, however there are certain locations that conference call etiquette demands you avoid. Anywhere full of distractions and noise is not only going to annoy your fellow callers, but it’s also going to prevent you from being your most productive. Here’s our list of the best locations for a call.

In the office

The most conventional option on the list, that’s right, who would have thought it? The office, more specifically a meeting room. If the name meeting room wasn’t a dead giveaway, it’s an ideal location for a conference call because it’s often a focussed environment with minimal distractions and background noise. Everyone knows why you’re in the meeting room and everyone knows it would be rude to disturb you, unless it’s an absolute emergency. Depending on the office, you might even have a spider phone (lucky you), meaning call quality will be excellent.

Your humble abode

Or not so humble, depending on your modesty levels. Your home is most likely a place you feel comfortable and secure. A comfortable and secure environment is a great location for a conference call. If you’re nice and relaxed this will hopefully transfer to how you behave on the call. Obviously, you don’t want to be uber relaxed, to the point where you’re falling asleep. We’d recommend avoiding your sofa or bed. Try to plot up at a desk (some form of table), or any place you associate with productivity, so that you can come across as professional and engaged on your call.

The great outdoors

“According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, just twenty minutes a day outside is all you need to allow your brain to refresh, restore and start functioning again”[1], that’s right, science says the outdoors is good for brain function. If you’re working outside the office why not hop on a call outside? We understand that this is heavily reliant on phone signal, trying to take a call on the peak of a mountain might be slightly counterproductive. Although, if you find yourself outside and have got strong signal, then immerse yourself in nature whilst discussing performance KPIs. Just make sure you have something to take notes with, otherwise it’s probably just a waste of time.

A cosy café

For all those coffee connoisseurs out there. If you fancy getting out of the house and visiting your favourite café then go for it. If it’s not super busy, to the point where you can’t hear yourself think, then a café can be a great location for a conference call. Again, being in a comfortable and familiar environment can help increase your productivity and ensure your engaged on the call.

Down the pub

You ever been to a pub in the daytime on a weekday? Completely different environment, some would say surreal. Many pubs are lovely places to be, with grand furnishing, lots of space and typically have an abundance of choice when it comes to beverages. We wouldn’t suggest always going to the pub for a call, but once in a blue moon it can act as a nice treat. Maybe save this option for those late afternoon Friday calls.

So, there you go, our suggestions for the best conference call locations. Let us know in the comments your top call locations.


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