Call And Conquer 2018

After originally launching the Call & Conquer campaign at the start of 2017 and with brand engagement at an all-time high, our campaign returns for 2018 with more impactful lines than ever before.

We experienced record levels of registrations and brand awareness (from 28% in 2016 to an impressive 37% in 2017), and even got nominated by the Drum for Ad of the Week.

Knowing that we wanted to continue championing the individuals who work smarter, we’re using our visually arresting design and ad formats to push high frequency media through a tactical use of media channels and react to the news agenda, bringing the Call & Conquer campaign into 2018.

The thought behind the creative

A series of witty and thought provoking headlines designed to capture the attention of the London commuter and champion the benefits of using our service. The typography allowed for a flexible and reactive approach that enabled us to tailor each ad to the channel it was going to be advertised on, whether that be on the Tube, in a newspaper, on social media, online etc.

The media channels

  • TCP’s (Tube Car Panels) – our core channel to deliver high volume throughout the underground

  • Printed formats – Commuter print titles such as the Metro and Evening Standard

  • P96’s – Large ads running at key mainline interchanges

  • Taxis – Central London-based areas to provide a movable platform and increase reach

  • Radio – humorous creatives with the well known voice over artist Paterson Joseph

For the first time, we also decided to test on a new radio format. This was known as DAX – a new digital audio format that allowed us to serve bespoke creative ads. It meant that by using different data points such a time, location and device, we can now serve a tailored message rather than a one size fits all radio ad, helping us get cut through and to stand out in the competitive London market.

The collaboration

  • The creative and strategic approach – to continue to evolve our brand and come up with not only a visually appealing design but also one that will help keep our brand top of mind and drive website traffic and registrations, we continue to work with our creative agency Hometown London to help envisage our journey.
  • The tactical placement – in order to execute a consistent campaign across all channels and deliver a tailored approach, we’ve continued to work closely with our media agency MediaCom