How does the UK commute? – Infographic

No matter how much flexible working we do, we all have to commute from time to time. But who has it the worst? We interviewed 1,000 UK commuters to find out.

So as you can see, Londoners have the worst, and it’s a lot worse. How many times have you heard excuses for delays like having leaves on the line or too much sun? As a result, 46% of Londoners suffer from public transport delays on a regular basis, compared to 11% in the North East and 10% in the East Midlands.

What about the commute? Yep. You guessed it. Londoners have almost double the commuting times to Scotland and East Midlands workers. So what really is the difference? That’s 4 and a half days more commuting time than workers in Scotland per year!

When it comes to the cost of commuting workers from Yorkshire spent about half the amount than Londoners at £21.09 per week versus £42.54.
What about smells? Yep. We asked that too. London possesses the worst smelling commuters in the UK as 41% recalled being regularly bothered by body odours then on their daily commute whereas only 19% for East Anglia and 11% for South West commuters agreed to it.