Office Stereotypes – Infographic

Remote working has huge benefits for individuals as well as businesses. But sometimes, there’s nothing better than working in an office; the banter, the awkward interaction between staff in the hallways and the “one quick pint” after work with your colleagues.

However, every office also has those couple of workers with a myriad of frustrating traits that makes you want to rip out your hair twice.

So how many of these office stereotypes can you spot in your office?

We’ve also created a printable version for you to add your colleagues names and put up in your office! Simply click the button below to download it. Enjoy!

Here are the top 20 office stereotypes in every office:

  1. The Stress Head – no time to work, too busy stressing
  2. The Meeting Enthusiast – ‘Let’s book a meeting to talk about next week’s meeting’
  3. The Micro Manager – constantly looking over your shoulder and breathing down your neck
  4. The Chatterbox – will talk your ear off without you having to say one word
  5. The Noise Pollutionist – music so loud the other side of the office can hear it
  6. The Meerkat – always looking, always listening
  7. The Business Jargon Snob – says more business jargon than normal words. “Make sure you touch base with the team and do a deep dive and circle back to me by the close of play today.”
  8. The Gym Junkie – only talks about 3 things: protein, lifting and ‘gains’
  9. The Health Freak – all about kale, quinoa and coconut anything
  10. The Introvert – not sure if he’s been working here for 5 days of 5 years but we still don’t know his name and it’s too awkward to ask
  11. The Ideas Thief – presents other people’s ideas as their own and it’s (unfortunately) too unprofessional to call them out on it
  12. The Closet Snacker – endless supply of food that appears out of nowhere
  13. The Office Slob – where personal hygiene is not a priority
  14. The Hoarder – that’s where all of your branded merchandise has gone – even the ones from 2005
  15. The Lunchtime Stinker – favourite foods: fish, boiled eggs and curry
  16. The Master Delegator – has someone do all the work for them, does no work themselves
  17. The Runner – the office essential – will offer to make tea, all day, every day
  18. The Office Grump – approach with caution
  19. The Prankster – they’ve probably already done something…you just don’t know yet
  20. The Chocoholic – the second they hear a chocolate wrapper or the c word they’re there, and ready