With PowWowNow, we offer a wide range of dial-in numbers and service more than 140 countries. This includes mobile specific shortcodes and different number types.

You get access to shared cost numbers for you and your Guests to dial into. This means that everybody pays for the cost of their own call, which also includes a dedicated mobile shortcode (87373) to make the cost of calling from a mobile cheaper. Find out more. When using a UK mobile to dial into conference call using the shortcode, you’ll be charged 12.5p/min +VAT if you’re calling from within the UK.


You get access to geographic and shared cost numbers. This means that it becomes a lot more affordable to dial-in from a mobile and all your local UK minutes are included in your package. You can upgrade your service to have all your local UK & international minutes included, meaning that you and your Guests need never pay for a call again!


We tailor it to each business, so that means negotiable rates and dedicated dial-in numbers.
Want to know more about what PowWowNow has to offer? View the full list of differences between our plans and pricing.


You can now download our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store to make your conference calls even easier. By being able to invite your Guests via text or email, you no longer need to remember your dial-in numbers or PIN – it’s all there for you, which means all you need to do is choose your Guests and click send. The best part? You can enter your conference call in just one click!


Depending on what country you and your Guests are in, what device you’ll be using to join the call and what plan you or your Host is on, it all affects your options. For example, if you’ve got Guests calling in from Germany, it’s best to get them to dial in using the German dial-in number. If you and your Guests are in the UK, it’s best to make sure that there is a UK number to dial into to avoid any international charges. As a rule of thumb, if there’s a dedicated dial-in number for mobile, stick to it and if there’s a specific dial-in number for the country they’re in, use it.


The reality is, there can be an endless amount of dial-in numbers for users to join the conference call, but what can often happen, is that you don’t get given the right dial-in number (and cost) for your call. It’s important to make sure your Host knows how and where you’ll be dialling in from and who is going to be charged. If you’re using a shared cost number, everyone pays for the cost of their own call, which will appear in your phone bill. If you’re using a Freephone number (for premium customers only), Guests in the UK will call for free from any device and the Host pays. If you’re dialling in with a geographic number, it’s worth each user checking whether it’s included in their existing phone plan as often, it is. Find out more about these number types.

To avoid any nasty surprises, it’s best to check what the rate of calling each number is, whether it includes VAT and your phone company’s access charge, and whether it’s your Host or Guests that will pay for the call. And if you don’t know what your phone company’s access charge is, we recommend you check to save yourself from getting nasty shocks on your bill.


There’s nothing worse than trying to join a minute before your conference call starts and not knowing how to connect. With PowWowNow, you simply enter the dial in number and PIN when prompted. So to avoid being late to your call, make sure you’ve got your dial in number and PIN on hand and ready to enter. Want to make it easier for yourself? Simply download our mobile app:

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