Common Webinar Mistakes

Webinars are the epitome of you get out what you put in. If you’re willing to put in the time to learn about the platform then chances are, you’ll be just fine. If you go in thinking this will be a doddle, I’ll just get cracking the night before, then don’t be surprised when your event is a bit of a flop. Even if you have dedicated time and effort to understanding the tool, there are still some common mistakes you may make, after all we’re only human. That’s why we’ll be covering our top 4 mistakes and how you can avoid them.

This is probably the most common reason for a webinar not performing well and arguably the most avoidable. We get it, we all have busy lives and it can be hard dedicating hours to something that you’re not 100% sure will pay off. You need to give yourself enough time to properly promote your event, create the content and have an understanding around the product features and how to use them.

With our webinar tool, you can set up and schedule events in minutes, that’s the easy part. We also offer a demo to help you if you need extra guidance. The other cogs for a successful online event require you to put your strategy hat on and prepare with a clear objective in mind. Whether it be growing your customer base, educating your audience or training and development, having an objective will shape how you plan your event. Once you’ve set out clear goals for you event, you can better understand why and how you can improve your next event.

This echoes the first mistake, but it’s crucial that before you hold any online events you have a clear understanding of the tool you’re using. Our product offers numerous resources to help you along the way. If you don’t understand the tool or why you’d even use it, you can’t expect to hold an awesome virtual event. There’s no harm in going into the product and having a nosey around, set up a dry run and ask your colleagues to tune in.

You’re infinitely more likely to succeed with your event if you’ve got a strong grasp on the features and why you’d use them. Our product encourages you to create engaging events with surveys, polls, Q&As and more, so prioritise understanding how these can be incorporated into your event. We’ll always be here to offer a helping hand and by no means is running a webinar rocket science but at the sake of repeating ourselves, you get out what you put in!

Right, we’ve ticked off the necessity to plan and understand the tool, now the juicy stuff. A big reason behind the conceived notion that online events lack relevancy is the type of content used. A common mistake made by content creators when they hold online events is to upload an hour-long PowerPoint and expect people to be thrilled and stick around for the full hour. That simply isn’t using the products full potential, you’ve got a host of features built into the tool for the sole purpose of engagement.

Use features such as polls, Q&As and surveys to interact with your audience and create an event that asks for their input. This is a win, win and will benefit both you and your audience. You’ll gain valuable insights and your audience will associate you with top notch webinars, potentially sharing the news with colleagues etc (you get the drift).

Right, picture the scenario. You’ve just held a brilliant online event, lots of people attended and there was loads of engagement. Job done, right? Wrong. Another common mistake is holding the event and failing to do anything afterwards. By creating a custom registration page, you’ve got all this useful data about the people who attended your event. This is why one of the main benefits of using the product is generating high quality leads. To turn these leads into customers you’re going to want to reach out after your event. It doesn’t even have to be super sophisticated; it could just be an email asking them how they found the event and what they’d like from the next one.

This acts as a two in one, you get great feedback for your next event and you’ve potentially landed some new customers.

To summarise, plan, practice, make the most of the features and follow up. Abide by this process and you’ll be holding showstopping online events in no time, book a demo if you’re just raring to go!

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