Three nominations, two awards!

Getting the cut through for any piece of work to compete with the best in the business will always be a challenge for smaller companies, us included.  We constantly strive to encourage people to embrace newer, smarter ways of working and show how we can be part of their solution to become more productive with their day-to-day business priorities.

Awards season is a time of year that we always look forward to.  Eager to see the best in the business across such a wide range of industries, and keen to find out whether we were recognised as part of the elite bunch, award competitions are a great way to see how good your campaigns are/were.

This year has been a great year, with 3 nominations that helped us bring back two awards! Below includes the campaigns we were gratefully chosen for, along with a bit about each campaign.

Avoid the Horror

Our Avoid the Horror campaign has been one of our biggest campaigns to date.  Launched in the beginning of 2015, we advertised on the London Underground, on black cabs, on the radio and in Manchester.

Premised around the horror of the UK commute, we understand that commuting to work can be stressful; particularly when you’re trying to get to a meeting on time.  Sometimes we can’t avoid transport delays, and the other frustrated commuters become the horror of our commute.  Instead, we stand by the fact that you can Avoid the Horror of the commute, with smarter ways of working; being flexible working and remote working.

What award were we nominated for? The 2015 B2B Awards recognised us for our campaign in the category ‘Best Use of Creative’. With competition such as Royal Mail and USG, we were so grateful to take home the win and be named as having the ‘Best Use of Creative’ for 2015!


#PowwowHELPMEnow was a social media campaign we launched in the heat of summer, when everyone at work was thinking about their next holiday and places they’d rather be.

Big companies with even bigger budgets will always have more resources, but this campaign proved that budgets don’t determine the success of campaigns.  We used twitter to ask individuals and businesses to tweet their workplace frustrations and use the hashtag #PowwowHELPMEnow.  Whether it was complaining about how unproductive they were in the middle of summer with no air conditioning, or nothing to counteract their 3pm lull, we chose people at random and used creative ways to appease their workplace woes.

As a result, we moved entire offices to their rooftop so they could work productively (with a nice breeze), supplied lunch and refreshments for businesses that had their catering staff go on holiday as well as brought a string band to the B2B Marketing office to celebrate their anniversary.  Interested? Take a look below to discover more.

For this campaign, we were fortunate enough to be recognised for two award competitions, and we walked away with a runner-up award!