Top tips for holding an online meeting via your smartphone or tablet

Web meetings enable people all over the world to stay connected at all times. This greatly benefits businesses as it means the lines of communication stay open, even when travelling to meetings, working from different sites or in recent years, working from home or flexibly. However, it isn’t necessarily the online meeting tool itself that makes communication so flexible, but the ability to use it from any device. 44% of 18-29 year olds join meetings via a smartphone or tablet – joining a meeting has never been so easy. To ensure the experience is as seamless and smooth as possible, here are some top tips to apply to your meetings:

Disable notifications

The last thing you need when holding a meeting is distractions, especially when they pop up on your screen as you try to demonstrate a new process. Suddenly everyone in your meeting can see the reminder to collect the dry cleaning in 2 hours’ time. Not ideal. That’s why our first top tip is to mitigate distractions by ensuring the notification settings on your device are turned off throughout the meeting.

Battery charged

This is a tip that seems obvious, however ensuring your device is fully charged before the meeting can save a lot of embarrassment when it comes to communicating with your attendees. Holding a web meeting where voice, chat, screen share and all the other features are being used can drain your battery quite quickly, so consider either having your device on charge as you talk or purchasing a portable charger. This will stop you from running out of battery just as you are making your most important point.

Consider your location

The good thing about using an alternative device to a desktop is that you can hold productive meetings from anywhere with internet connection. However, it is still important to consider how appropriate your surroundings are before diving in. The last thing you need is to be in a noisy area or somewhere with Wi-Fi that is constantly dropping in and out. If you try to find a place where your internet is reliable and there is minimal noise and distractions, you can ensure that your meeting runs smoothly throughout.

Engage with your participants

Just because you are using an alternative device to your computer, that shouldn’t mean your audience should receive a sub-par experience. Try to make sure you are using a web meeting tool that optimises all the same features and works in exactly the same way as on the desktop to ensure your participants are just as engaged.

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