Use tech to slash your rent

The days of having to be in the office in order to work are fading, remote working is on the rise. Recent research has shown that workers who spend three or four days working offsite are significantly more engaged – Boom! Remote working has many other benefits, benefits that we’ve talked about from time to time One we haven’t spoken about too often is how remote working tech can save you some rent dosh – so off we go.

Part ways with some of those desks

The wonderful thing about remote working is you can break free from the desk. This means you can also decrease office space, saving on rent. Ditch the meeting rooms and hop on a video call instead. This way you can catch-up with remote workers wherever, you could all be in your cosy living rooms, whilst being just as productive. Tech such as screen share, present document and video mean it’s almost like being in the same room, without having to endure the micro-climate that comes with meeting rooms.

Ditch the office all together

Woah, we know this seems very drastic and won’t tickle everyone’s fancy, but is an option, nonetheless. With the costs of keeping everyone in the same environment on the up and up, it’s no surprise that remote working is a growing trend. Recently, 100% remote companies have been sprouting up, that’s right 100%. And why not? With tech today, it’s possible to unite a workforce without an office. Tech even allows you to have a business phone system that works on the go. Cloud PBX technology such as hosted voice, stores your companies phone system on the cloud. No longer do you need a chunk of space just to house your phone system, you can take the system anywhere.

Ow that desk is hot, it’s a hot desk

Back to the enthralling topic of desks. If ditching the office is a step too far then you can always use remote working tech to make the most of hot desking. Hot desking is for workers who don’t need a permanent space but may need to be in the office from time to time. You could have a system kinda like musical chairs but in the office, without the musical and elimination element (losing you? Bear with us). If one worker is working from home or wherever and another needs to be in the office, then they can just use their desk. Again, cutting down on office space and rent costs. And, for people working outside of the office they can access online meeting tools, ensuring they smash remote working.

Encourage remote working

We think remote working is awesome and a great way to help you cut rent costs. Tech makes it easy peasy. With reports showing that 99% of respondents would like to work remotely at least some of the time[1], it’s certainly not a fad that is going anywhere anytime soon. So, why not embrace it? And save yourself a pretty penny whilst doing so.