Gone are the days where you need to use a spider phone for your conference calls (those are the funny-looking phones that you find in meeting rooms). Not only are you able to dial in to your conference call with a mobile or landline, but there are also other devices that you can use to dial in to your conference call with PowWowNow.

Using a smartphone

With a smartphone, you can dial in to your conference call as you would when you're dialling in through a landline. All you need to do is dial in (we have the mobile short code 8 73 73 to save you money), enter your PIN and start talking - it's that easy!

But if you're looking to save time to make your meetings that much more efficient, with a smartphone, you can dial in to your conference call with just one click, and we've got two options for you to do this.

Our mobile app is a quick and easy way for you to enter your call. It's free to download and by simply clicking 'Join Conference Now', our app will dial you into your call using a UK number and enter your PIN for you, so there's no need for you to memorise your dial-in numbers or PIN.

You can also do this with our digital wallet card. This will add PowWowNow as a contact on your phone, and similarly, clicking to dial will immediately enter you into your conference call. Your PIN will already be entered, so you can focus on your meeting and let us do what we do best.

Using a tablet

Surely you can’t join a conference call on a tablet…right? Wrong!

If you've got a tablet with a SIM card that is 3G or 4G enabled, you can still join your conference calls and run them from your tablet. All you need to do is download our mobile app just as you would for your smartphone, and join the call from there. Just make sure you've got headphones plugged in with a microphone, because it might look a little strange if you're trying to put your tablet to your ear. Plus, you probably don't want everyone else around you to hear what gets discussed on your call.

Using a computer

Ok, so unfortunately, you can't join your conference calls through your computer, but you can still schedule and invite your Guests through it. Find out more about how to schedule your calls here.

To access meetings through your computer you can purchase our video call package here.