Webinars, there’s nothing to fear

Any form of large-scale presentation can be nerve-racking. Particularly when you’re relying on technology, which has a habit of misbehaving exactly when you don’t want it to misbehave (you want to update now, really!!?). Nevertheless, with a solid plan and the right webinar platform you can lull your nerves, face your fears and produce A1 online events every time. We’re going to look at some of the most common fears surrounding online events and the best ways to overcome them, so let’s get started.

What if no one shows up?

Presenting to an online audience can be strange but it can be even more strange presenting to a tiny audience/no one. If you do run an online event and attendance is low, then use this as an experience to learn something. Try and figure out what it was that prevented your event from gaining any traction. Was it a lack of promotion beforehand? Did you make it to arduous to join your event? There’re numerous reasons for your event not being a smash hit. The important thing is to not let it put you off ever experimenting with the platform again. Just use the experience to improve future events.

What if I turn into an absolute blabbermouth?

You may become the opposite of a blabbermouth and become a silent act. Whatever the outcome, the culprit is often poor prep. Nerves will play a role, but nerves are often heightened by poor prep. To try and avoid this scenario make sure that you rehearse beforehand. There’s no harm in doing some mock runs. Get your colleagues involved, and ask them to join your webinar. This will really help you get in the swing of things, becoming familiar with the platform and getting a sense of what it’s like to present to an online audience.

Word-to-the-wise (you guys) don’t overdo it. If you go overboard on the rehearsals, you’ll become your own worst enemy and second guess everything. Practice just enough so you’re comfortable and then try and take your mind off it. This way you’ll still have enough enthusiasm and panache when the main event arrives.

What if the tech has some sort of vendetta against me?

If you’re not a tech whiz, then forms of new tech can be scary. Even if you’re super into tech, you’ll still require some time to get familiar with the platform. Luckily a webinar platform offers a helping hand and are relatively simple to use. The answer to this fear boils down to prep as well. Get familiar with the platform by carrying out practice runs. Anticipate scenarios that could potentially come up and plan around them, this will avoid any hiccups during showtime.

Make sure you know exactly what features you want to use before hand and practice using them. The platform is full of features, but don’t rely on all of them for your event. Cherry pick the ones that will help best achieve your desired outcome, and don’t feel pressured to use them all (quality over quantity).

What if my content gets zilch engagement?

A common fear amongst content creators – what if the content I create simply doesn’t interest people? Well, if in doubt, consider that variety is the spice of life. Webinar products encourage you as a content creator to mix it up, don’t just rely on a PowerPoint to get your message across (even if you have used tones of slide animations). The platform allows you to upload videos, include polls, Q&As and surveys. There’s plenty of ways you can engage your audience. Apologies for harping on about the same point but make sure you experiment and practice before hand. Test out different forms of content and see which performs the best, this will help you gauge what content your audience will most enjoy. If your audience aren’t engaging with your content, then try and gain something valuable from this insight.

The platform is fantastic for interacting with your audience, so perhaps ask their opinion in a post-event survey to find out what they liked/disliked about the event and what sort of content they’d like to see in follow up events. Constructive criticism is exactly that, constructive.

Why was I so nervous in the first place?

Because you’re human and it’s natural. What’s important is that you use your nerves to your advantage and as less of a hindrance and more of a motivator. These tips will help you present with confidence and discover the many benefits a webinar platform can bring to your business.

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